About Us

About Us

Lung Lung Construction Pvt. Ltd (LLC Pvt. Ltd) with its motto “Fashioning Smarter, Safer Homes” provides building solutions from architectural design support to package deal for complete solution of building your home. LLC Pvt. Ltd provides products from Notion- Luxury Wooden Flooring, Fiber Cement with multiple usage in building purposes, DuPont™ Corian®  surface design and construction materials, elegant Pergolas and versatile selection of interior design and lightings.


The objective of LLC Pvt. Ltd is to provide wider options and choices in building their homes  with a varied range of materials, designs and products that will fit any budget. We provide skilled masonries (skilled construction laborers) so as to ensure the houses built with our materials are safe and and resilient enough to reduce the risk in the event of any disaster.

LLC Pvt. Ltd focuses in bringing professionalism in the construction industries within Nagaland. With many unskilled laborers/masons building houses in Nagaland without proper architectural knowledge, there is no accountability of the safety of these homes you live in. We at LLC Pvt. Ltd aims to provide our professional services in not only bringing quality materials and products but also ensure safety of the homes we build.

Our Services

  • Architectural Design and Support
  • Skilled Masonries and laborers.
  • Package deal of building materials such as
    • Wooden Flooring Products
    • Surface and Interior Designs
    • Exterior Cladding and walls
    • Fiber cement products
    • Concrete bricks and pavement materials.