U – Clip System

We ensure choice offering the largest range of timbers, widths, lengths, looks and finishes for exterior use.100% natural, just as nature intended.The quality of your NOTION is assured through trustworthy production methods. From the crucial drying process to the expert grading selection. We care intensely about the wood types we select and the way, we handle them and treat them. All our collection is well suited for outdoor use. From extreme cold to hot and dry to humid weather conditions.

Available in 2 Different Mechanisms



Advantages of Solid Outdoor Decking

  • Hidden Fastening System: All Fixing Is Done By Means Of An Omega-shaped Stainless Steel Clip.
  • Longer Lifespan: All Boards Are Manufactured With A Double Groove Profile And Don’t Need To Be Drilled.
  • A Safer And Smooth Uniform Surface: Which Remains Untouched, Minimizing The Risk Of Splinter And Fisure Forming.
  • Optimum Air Circulation: 4mm Gap Between Boards Is the Optimum Space For Wood To Expand And Contract And Allow Enough Expanse For Air Circulation.
  • Better Stability:Wood Must Not Be Trapped With screws. Notion Only Works With Suitable Woods For Outdoors Which Will Have Light Contractions And Expansions. Such Movements Are Absorbed By Clips And Extra Holding Is Provided By Tongue And Groove at Short Ends.
  • Extra Stability Is Provided By Slow Oven Drying Of Raw Materials.
  • The Plus Profile Hides The Structure Underneath Featuring A More Elegant Look.
  • Slick Look Enhanced By The 1.5 Mm Bevelled Edges.
  • Differentiation: Exclusive Patented System.